Musical Biography

Although he has lived on Vancouver Island for the last several years, Ed maintains strong connections with the Ahtahkakoop Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan where he was born and raised. Growing up in a musical family, Ed began playing professionally when he was 16.Ed for website

Ed has twice been nominated for the BC Country Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year award. His “Two Worlds” tape was nominated for EP of the Year when it was released. One of Ed’s instrumentals, “Land of the Raven” was used as the theme music for a film series called North American Indian Portraits. Ed was featured in that series in a film called “Gentleman Cowboy of Honkytonk”. He also appeared on the APTN series Beyond Words.

“I play over 1400 artists on [Taos, NM] and I must tell you that your music is truly some of the best I’ve heard. Every time I take the control board I almost always play your music. It is so excellent and so varied, that I inevitably find several slots to fit you in. Quite amazing really!” Patrick Doyle, CEO


 Ed’s most recent CD, âtayôhkan was released in November 2015.

This CD truly comes from the heart of Vancouver Island. Ed Peekeekoot (Crofton) and Corbin Keep (Gabriola) are very proud to present music which is, on every level, born of this sacred land. Their collaboration began when Ed heard Corbin playing at the Islands Folk Festival in 2010. 

Ed and Corbin are both seasoned performers and have had successful solo careers in their own right. After a long creative gestation period, they are presenting their first collaborative CD, âtayôhkan, a tour de force of gorgeous, deeply felt Native flute & cello compositions. 

While Ed has lived on the Island since 1989, he maintains strong roots with the Ahtahkakoop Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan where he was born. The title of this CD is a Plains Cree word, âtayôhkan : Ancient Ones who completed their Earth lessons and now work with Creator. 

Other Island Connections:

This CD was recorded at Zak Cohen’s studio ( in Duncan and on Gabriola at Corbin’s studio with instruments made in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island from mostly local wood. Ed’s flutes were carved by Rommey Verlaan (, Corbin’s cello was built by Rommey’s partner, Zak Stolk (, and Corbin’s cello bow was made by Reid Hudson ( 

Mastering of the CD was done on Gabriola by Graemme Brown ( Photography was done by Jim McCauley in Ladysmith. 

The stunning cover art was created by Fine Artist, IceBear ( in Duncan who drew on his past background as a graphic artist to honour the deep friendship he and Ed share.

Ed’s 4th CD, Prairie Christmas was released in 2010.  It includes two originals and several seasonal favourites.  Grandma’s Gingerbread House was written by Ed’s good friend Corry Suter for Ed.  Memories of a Prairie Christmas was written by Ed and his wife Gail.

Ed’s CD, “Dance Tonight” released November 2008 is a collection of the most requested cover tunes from the years of dances Ed has played. Ed says, he’s a happy guy when he’s playing a dance and, at the end of the night, you’ve got a big smile on your face and your feet hurt from dancing.”

Ed’s CD, “In the Key of Cree” (2006) was nominated for an Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Award in 2008. This CD takes you on a captivating musical journey through one Cree man’s world view.

Ed also released an acoustic guitar CD, “Front Porch” in November 2005. It’s the kind of laid-back music Ed plays when he’s sitting on the front porch just picking and keeping happy.