Thunderbird and Lightning

Cottonwood Bark Carving on Vancouver Island Marble Base Carving 184 cm tall.  Base 30.5 cm in diameter.

Thunderbird and LightningStarting at the midnight black marble base streaked with lightning flashes, this carving represents the powerful Shamanic realm of Thunderbird – a place outside of time that crackles with power.

The figures on the right side of the carving are ones who “travel” in spirit to this dark and timeless place for the healing of their people: A Medicine Man wearing a Buffalo head dress, a Wolverine skull, and an amulet; a Wise Woman with her Owl totem spirit; A Leader wearing a Wolf head dress; and a man on a vision quest experiencing transformation through Eagle energy.

Thunderbird and LightningOn the left side of the carving is a man carrying a Thunderbird drum.  From the physical world, he and three others drum and chant for rain needed for plants and animals.  The buffalo skull at the bottom of the carving represents a time of drought and hunger.

The lightning bolt that cuts across the carving represents inspiration and answered prayer.  The needed rain follows the thunder and lightning.

At the top of the carving is Eagle, representing higher vision and Wolf, representing strong family bonds. Buffalo represents shelter and food. Wolverine represents tenacity in adversity. Owl represents night vision and powerful dreams that come in the interest of our healing and wholeness.Here are two more close-up shots to click on.

Thunderbird and Lightning   Thunderbird and Lightning

Download a pdf of this description here.

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